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Here you can discover my most important cloud questions and answers around:


Question 1: I need to predict changes rapidly and capitalize on them. How can I boost my strategic agility?

You don‘t need to hire, procure hardware and increase operations complexity to respond to unforeseen business realities. Time to value is faster through the cloud’s more dynamic model.

57 %

of companies expect that in three years (by the end of 2017) cloud will have an impact on increased agility and responsiveness to customers.

Source: Oxford Economics: The cloud’s enduring promise

Trust in the challenges and opportunities that cloud offers – it is no longer just a hype but brings lasting changes to your company’s IT.

Daniel Gerster, CIO, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants | More about Roland Berger’s cloud experience

The boardroom of the future

There will be fundamental changes in the way boards will work in the future.

Visit SAP Business Trends article

Question 2: How can I rapidly and successfully realize innovations?

Cloud solutions support collaboration with customer, partners, suppliers and the public to gain new insights. They help you to respond quickly to new innovations by supporting mobile, social and Big Data.

74 %

of business and IT executives say that innovation is somewhat or mostly cloud-based.

Source: Oxford Economics: The cloud grows up

Accelerate the pace at which you adapt to change

Learn how the combination of technology and leadership strategies creates more innovation opportunities.

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Explore new opportunities in the digital world

Discover how Danone is exploring new markets and opportunities in the digital world – while rapidly developing and deploying consumer-friendly applications with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.


Question 3: How can I transform data quickly into essential business insights?

Data volumes will continue to grow, especially with the Internet of Things. Cloud computing capability will be fundamental in order to scale the ability to handle, store and process huge volumes of data.

Manage the Internet of Things Revolution

The Internet of Things is a significant game changer that affects every aspect of business operations. Learn how to effectively manage this revolution for success.

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Timken Company simplifies and improves business

9 billion

connected devices, and it is estimated that by 2020 there will be between 50-75 billion connected things.

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